About bkg academy

BKG Academy Raipur was conceptualised owing to continuous deterioration of the quality of formal education and the lack of necessary useful life skills. According to science, the entropy (disorder) of the universe is increasing, then the human society cannot remain unaffected but knowledge of the reasons of this disorder may lead to some solution, at least partially, if not completely. The entropy of our education system has also increased in line with the society at a very fast rate. This has resulted in the phenomenal growth of the number of so-called educated human-resource but from the point of view of quality or development in totality, it is far far behind. BKG Academy Raipur is one such effort and experiment where, it is targeted to update the quality of education and skills of students by a learned, experienced and dedicated team of experts in education and skills.
Being, Knowing and Growing.
To become an excellent centre for development of soft skills and education.

BKG Academy Raipur is an Institute that imparts Education and Skills to students and unemployed youth. The need for such an Academy arose for three reasons:

The continuous deterioration of the quality of formal education, especially higher education (post-10 years of schooling). At the local, state, and central government levels – and across society as a whole – there are many concerns about the quality of teacher training, the curriculum, learning achievement assessments, and the efficiency of institutional management.

The trend of commercialization and privatisation of education that caters to those who have the economic means. This trend contributes to the already increasing divide between the rich, and poor/urban and rural populations. Thus, the value of education cannot be emphasised enough, particularly in India where the number of uneducated children and adults continues to increase.

The lack of focus on formal education on the necessity of developing useful life skills. The current secondary school and college curriculum does not equip students with relevant skills for daily work and life in India. Moreover, the commonly used method of learning results in a lack of comprehension, analytical skills, and active engagement from students. The huge disconnect between what one learns in formal education versus what is required in real life poses an enormous challenge to the employment potential of youth, as well as to the future of industry in India.

Thus, quality of education, access to education, and the application of education to means of livelihood are all major barriers that India is facing. To fill this gap, BKG Academy Raipur was started with the aim of providing quality education and upgrading the skills of students and unemployed youth.

BKG Academy's main service offerings are vocational skills training in addition to academics.

For students enrolled in formal Educational Institutes, BKG offers:
· Student counselling and coaching for overall development · Guidance for scientific writing/project reports, research papers, and technical report writing · Preparation for various competitive exams and tests · Preparation for interviews
For youth from rural areas, BKG offers:
· Identification of skill sets required to increase employability · Development of training modules to impart vocational skills
At policy level, BKG offers:
· Organizing Research and Studies, and Policy Support to the Government as well as private sectors.

Their main target groups are: 1. Undergraduate and graduate students in urban areas who are already enrolled in formal Educational Institutes, but not receiving quality education that equips them with life skills. 2. Unemployed youth from rural areas who may or may not have received formal education. With the first target group, the Institute incorporates soft skills learning based on the understanding that most students learn to read, write, and have knowledge of basic sciences and mathematics. However, these students lack many of the practical skills through which a person derives critical thinking. Working with the second target group, the Institute incorporates vocational skills that increase the employability of youth living in rural areas. BKG also serves within the above areas, and independently: Research Scholars, Women, Government Organizations, Industries, and SMEs.